workout with me classes

WOW-ME Class:

WOW-ME stands for Work Out With Me! These are also called customFIT Community Classes. These classes are short yet effective 30-minute classes that happen frequently throughout the week! I lead a variety of class formats, including but not limited to: Kickboxing; Tabata Style HIIT; Strength Training; TRX; Circuit Training; and more. Due to the affordability and popularity of this program, space in WOW-ME classes is limited. Sign up NOW to inquire about or enroll yourself in the WOW-ME program!  

My classes are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday. Reach out to me if you are interested in joining. I offer a variety of class times! *Rest, recover or run on your own on Wednesday!

**I currently have space in my 9:30am class.

The monthly price for this class is $100. If you commit to 3 months, the price is only $75.00 per month! WOW! That's only $4.69/class!