It’s hard to believe but I have been working out with Bekah for over a year now. In one sense it is hard to believe it has only been a year because it feels like I have known her for so long. In another it feels like just yesterday that I got the courage to wake up early and walk into her garage. I have spent almost every Tuesday and Thursday morning with Bekah for the last year and it has really changed me. I have lost weight and I am more tone, but more than that I feel like the best version of myself! I am happier on mornings I work out with Bekah, I don’t mind cleaning up the dishes after dinner or reading the extra book at bedtime.
— Ashley M.
I’m not gonna lie...I don’t like to exercise. But you know what I do like? I like Bekah. I like her enthusiasm, her encouragement, her warmth. I like that she adapts and adjusts my workouts depending on what’s going on with *me* - my injuries or my capabilities that day - and when I doubt myself, she never wavers. Training with Bekah has boosted my confidence, strength, and resolve; knowing her has made me a better person.
— Lauren E.
Huge thanks to Bekah Ann Self. She has coached me through a loss of 24 pounds. Shooting for another 10. I’m pretty sure my cholesterol will be improved. The microscopic colitis is under control with the autoimmune protocol diet. Taking less sleep medication. I’ve been able to get off the anti-depressant I was put on after the year of knee surgeries. And, I’ve suffered with a progressive nerve problem (CRPS) since breaking my foot in 2010 and that pain has subsided.
— Heidi B
I went to my first workout today! I really liked the small group setting and the interval exercise! Bekah was always watching us made sure we were doing the exercise correctly. I also love the homey feeling of her home studio
— Reena A

Bekah, that article you sent me awhile ago was so insightful. I think you are right, I had tapped out and wasn’t getting any results from long, sustained cardio. So you should know that ever since the beginning of June, when I was not able to do the classes with you, Chris and I have been getting
up three days a week early morning to do HIIT workouts together. And then we do our 30-40 minute cardio 2 days a week. So you inspired me! Thanks for that info. It has made me enjoy working out again. That long cardio seemed like torture, I never looked forward to it, and it wasn’t doing much for me. So you gave me back some hours in my week. :)
— Carey B.