SAFE CORE: $25 - Monday (Oct. 3) at 10am

This hour-long workshop is for those looking to improve their core strength in a safe format. This workshop will be great for those who have suffered back problems, as well as for postpartum moms who may have Diastasis Recti. Join other women for an interactive workshop that can be as challenging as you want it to be. You will have plenty of take-aways to help you reduce your “gap” and strengthen your core! This class is only $25. Class size is limited, so sign up today.

friday fIt FUN: $35 - Fridays at 3:30pm 

This hour-long workshop is targeted towards elementary-aged kids looking to get fit and have fun. We will enjoy active play time with intentional instruction to improve form and performance. A small healthy snack is included. Friday Fit Fun is only $35/kid for the entire month!

BoDY, MIND & SOUL: $40 - TBA

Let's talk BODY, MIND & SOUL. This 4-week workshop is targeted towards young ladies (from 6th-12th grade) who may be struggling with body image. We will move our bodies, discuss healthy eating habits and look to scripture in the Bible for some SOUL training. 

GROCERY SHOPPING 101: $75 - Anytime

Let's hit the grocery store together to discuss tricks and tips for making the best purchases you can for your health and wellness. Grab a friend if you want to split the cost! This is an hour-long workshop.