personal training

There are several reasons to seek out a Personal Trainer, such as helping you accomplish a specific goal or creating healthy habits through accountability. I have worked with clients who have had success with weight loss and increased strength.  

Personal Training

Following an initial assessment (either in person or over the phone), and once we have agreed upon a timeline and a plan, I will likely encourage you to do exercises known as Total Body Conditioning, which means the exercise may use or require little or no equipment. Your customFIT Training Plan will be unique to your specific goals, whether they are weight loss, strength gain or any other goals you may need to pursue.  

I usually create workout plans that fit in either High Intensity Interval Training or Functional Training. I stress the importance of core strength in every exercise. Using these forms of training, and done properly, weight loss, muscular development and healthy habits can be accomplished.

Please keep in mind that I require a four consecutive week minimum commitment. I believe change takes time. After years of training, I have observed that the ideal time commitment for a person to see true change and form new lasting habits is 3 to 6 months. Let's work together to create positive, lasting habits.

Program pricing is dependent on plan, need and location. 


FIT Plan $ - One hour personal training/week 

FIT Plus 1 Plan $$ - Two hours of personal training/week

NUT Plan $ - Weekly nutrition accountability to include 1 to 2 days of meal plans/week. * See example below.

FIT/NUT Plan $$ - One hour of personal training/week, plus weekly nutrition accountability to include 2 days of customized meal plans/week. * See example below.

FIT/NUT Plus 1 Plan $$$ - Two hours of personal training/week, plus weekly nutrition accountability to include 2 days of meal plans/week.  * See example below.

* To learn more about my nutrition plan, click here.